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Clear-Coat Matte: let the sun shine on

Our Matte Screen Protector let you work in bright environments without battling the sun, and match the natural finish of your device so you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

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    Anti-Glare and Anti-Reflection

    We’ve all been there - struggling to read a restaurant review, navigation, or website because of the sun. We use the most cutting-edge coating technologies in the USA to create a custom matte finish designed specifically for mobile devices.

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    A Leader in Matte Screen Protectors

    Mobile Outfitters has the largest selection of anti-glare products in the world. While most companies just make one or two matte products for the top sellers, our Clear-Coat Matte line is available in screen or full body protection for over 2,000 devices.

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    Say Goodbye to Fingerprints

    Our Matte film has a special coating to prevent fingerprints and smudges. Use your device all day long without having to constantly wipe it down.

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  • Full Body Protection

    Full Body Protection

    Our unique, patented technology is able to protect more than just the screen. We cover the entire body of your phone, tablet, laptop, watch and more - without adding bulk.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    We only make products we can stand behind. If we can’t promise to replace it for the life of your phone, we aren’t interested in making it. After all, what good is a product if it doesn’t have a guarantee?

  • Custom-Cut for Thousands of Devices

    Since 2007, we have designed each and every skin by hand to ensure every screen, curve, and corner is expertly protected.

  • USA Quality Made

    USA Made means USA Made - we source, design, manufacture, assemble, and ship all from our headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.

Find out why every 30 seconds, someone buys a Clear-Coat!

Our locally-owned global network of mall kiosks  will professionally install Clear-Coat Matte on your device, or order online now and install yourself at home!

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