See your phone shimmer

like never before

See your phone shimmer
like never before

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Embrace the unexpected with Aurora

We created one of the most surprising mobile phone skins when we made Aurora.  It shifts colors, glimmers, reflects, and is ever-changing - just like your style.

  • Aurora effect

    One thing is for sure - you haven’t seen a phone skin like this before. Our proprietary Aurora Effect breaks all the rules by constantly changing.  Sometimes red, sometimes blue, often in-between. Sometimes see-through, and sometimes mirrored. It’s a little weird, but then again, aren’t we all?

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    Scratch Proof

    Phone cases look like you’re preparing to drop your phone out of an airplane.  If you’re not, consider getting a cover for your phone that’s more in line with your lifestyle.  Keys in your pocket, the occasional drop, or setting your phone down on concrete? Yeah, we’ve got that covered.

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  • Complete Coverage

    We custom design every skin to fit your phone perfectly - front, back, and sides. With Style Skins and Aurora, this means you get to change the look of your entire phone. It doesn’t look like a case - it looks like a totally different phone.

  • Guaranteed for Life

    Our Lifetime Guarantee and Satisfaction Guarantee are the cornerstone of our promise to you: if you don’t love it, or it doesn’t hold up, we’ll replace it. This pushes us to make only the best for our customers.

Transform your phone with aurora!

Add one to your cart now - and don’t forget - we allow you to mix and match up to 5 different colors and textures - so Aurora is just one color in your phone’s new Style Skins wardrobe!

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