our history

In 2007 we started as just 2 guys who wanted to make the best screen protector anyone had ever seen and manufacture it in the USA. We began manufacturing and selling Clear-Coat through our website and backed it with a lifetime guarantee. Then in 2009 we opened our first mall location so that we could professionally install and replace our product.


where we are

Fast forward a few years and we now have over 120 mall locations spanning 20 countries thanks to our Mall Kiosk Program, where customers can count on professional installation, knowledgable staff and customer-focused service.

we're evolving

We have more product lines than ever before, from our award winning RapidCut to our patented Fusion impact protector - and we're just getting started.

our vision

We're very proud to show you our new name: Mobile Outfitters. Don't worry - Clear-Coat isn't going anywhere. It's still our flagship product that everyone has come to love. A lot has changed since 2007 but our core values have not. We have bigger goals, a larger mission, and need a new home for all of our ideas. We hope you like our new name as much as we do and that you will Be Part of Our Outfit™.

Our vision is to challenge the status quo of the mall kiosk industry by selling high-quality products and backing them with customer-focused support with over 1,000 kiosks spanning 50 countries by 2022.


going forward

All our our existing stores will be updated with the new Mobile Outfitters brand, and we'll be releasing exciting new products beyond the boundaries of our old name, Clear-Coat.

Check Us Out

We have a lot to show you. Our new website lets you customize the protection for each side of your device, so you can now order our patented Fusion impact protector on the front, and a Matte finish on the back - and that's just the beginning.

Check out the links below, and thanks for being Part of Our Outfit™!

Learn about our Mall Kiosk Program

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