Meet the Team

Eric Griffin

Eric Griffin

Eric co-founded Clear-Coat with Dennis in 2007, and has loved technology since his first Mac Classic when he was 8 years old. His experience at Clear-Coat and the tech industry stirs up great ideas for blog posts – whether it’s a topic opinion, an awesome video, or just something he finds fascinating. Aside from gadgets & business, Eric loves to design, cook, bike, snowboard, rehab real estate, and make espresso. You can reach Eric on Twitter: @griffslinks and Google Plus: +Eric Griffin

Dennis O'Donnell

Dennis O’Donnell

Dennis has been with Clear-Coat since 2007, when he and Eric founded the company. He currently works on a few projects at Clear-Coat such as product development, marketing, operations, and drinking too much coffee. Dennis loves the dynamics of small business, and is often reading or writing about them. He lives in Philadelphia where he can be found running, hiking, or trying out new productivity hacks. You can find Dennis on Twitter @DenODonnell, Google+, and LinkedIn. He also writes on his personal blog about tips for small business.