September 21, 2018

3 iPhone Xs Protection Tips

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Before 2007, people carried a digital camera, video camera, music player, and (on top of all that) a cell phone. Fast forward 11 years later, Apple fans now carry iPhones that include all of those capabilities and much more—making the iPhone Xs | Xs Max very expensive devices. As CNBC stated, “Apple’s newest line of iPhones cost as much as $1,449 USD for the most expensive model. That’s more than some Mac computers.” If you spend that kind of money, you will need to ensure your iPhone Xs protection is best in class.  

Here’s how you can protect your new devices from scratches, impact, and theft.

iPhone Xs Protection Tip 1: Apply a Screen Protector  

After spending $1,000+ USD, you’ll want to ensure your screen is protected from scratches and cracks so you have a beautiful phone. When choosing the right screen protector, it’s imperative you choose one that has Military-Grade Strength like Clear-Coat or Fusion so you’re confident that if an accident happens—you’re protected.

iPhone Xs Protection Tip 2: Use a Bumper

There are many different cases on the market to protect your phone from impact, but one of the best ways to protect your phone without the bulk is by purchasing a bumper. When choosing a bumper, it’s important you select one that will allow you to showcase your elegant phone, yet won’t compromise your phone’s safety. Bumpers like Fusion Bumper are 40% thinner than the competition (1.9mm) and include Corner Cushions that have 20-foot drop tested protection and TriACTIVE Impact Protection that absorbs impact.

iPhone Xs Protection Tip 3: Download an Anti-Theft App

Between the large OLED display and 512 GB of storage, the iPhone Xs top features act as though they are phablets or mini Macbooks. Many would love to have these exciting new features which unfortunately means that you could become victim of iPhone theft. To prevent this from happening, you’ll need to download an anti-theft app. One of the most widely known anti-theft app is Find My iPhone. When Find My iPhone is enabled, you can track the location of your new iPhone. Tracking your phone is a nice feature for those who often “misplace” their iPhone, but the real anti-theft benefit is the Activation Lock. The Activation Lock keeps your information secure and makes it difficult for anyone to use or sell it.

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