November 14, 2013

6 Incredibly Useful Hidden iPhone Features

Dennis O'Donnell

We’ve written about what makes Apple’s user interface naturally intuitive, but there are some features on your iPhone (iOS 7 as of this update) that are not-so-easy to find, but incredibly helpful for the power user.

Here are my favorite “hidden” iPhone features – though they’re not purposefully disguised by Apple – it just seems their initial discovery takes a little more time than “Swipe to Unlock”!

Tap The Time to Immediately Scroll to The Top of Any Page

Ever been stuck several pages down an article, and annoyed to have to scroll all the way to the top? Just hit the clock instead – it’ll zip you right to the top of whatever page you’re on.

iPhone Scroll

Triple Tap The Home Button For Night Time Reading

Quickly tapping the home button three times will invert the colors on your iOS device. This is technically not a “night reading” feature – it was designed for the visually impaired, but, it does make for a much less bright display when reading before bed! Here’s a screen shot:

iPhone Night View

Add Automatic Extension Dialing to Any Number

Automatically add people’s extensions by using the “Pause” feature in the contact book, and the iPhone will dial the extension after a few seconds’ pause! In the contact book, just tap the “+*#” button, and you’ll see “Pause” show up where “4” once was. Just add that pause, and then put in the extension. You can add multiple pauses, too!

iPhone Extension

Take a Screenshot Using Home + Power Button

Just tap these two buttons at the same time, and you’ll hear the “shutter noise”. Whatever is on your screen will be a picture in your Photo Library.

iPhone Screenshot

Get Back the “.com” Button By Holding Down “.”

Do you miss the “.com” button in Mail and Safari? Just hold down the period for a bit longer, and it’ll pop up!

DotCom Button

Use The Best Free New Leveling App: Apple’s Native One!

Just open up Apple’s Compass app, and swipe to the right once you have it calibrated. There is Apple’s own Level App, which is stunningly accurate. Frankly, I had absolutely no idea just how precise the motion sensors were in the iPhone 5s. The answer: extremely.

iPhone Level

Have your own favorite “hidden” features on iOS? Post them in the comments!

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