March 28, 2017

A Day in the Life of a Mobile Outfitters Kiosk Owner

Mobile Outfitters

Deciding where to make your next investment goes far beyond monetary gain. When searching for your next business venture you may begin to ask yourself how the next step you take will impact your day-to-day.

  • Will your next job steal time away from your family?
  • Will you end up stagnant with no room to grow in the industry?
  • Will you have support when you need it, or will the weight and stress of daily operations fall on only your shoulders?

Here those questions are answered as we walk you through a day in the life of a Mobile Outfitters kiosk owner!

Rise and Shine

Ram Datt, a current Mobile Outfitters kiosk owner who left his secure job behind to become a successful entrepreneur, describes his mornings like this,

[quote text=”I wake up loving life and happy to go to work, as I don’t call Mobile Outfitters work. I call it having fun everyday with like-minded individuals, which never ends.”]
We have all felt the sting of a Monday morning. The realization that the week has just begun, and the countdown for the weekend has started fresh. For most, it’s hard to imagine a job that reverses the countdown—a position that lights a fire in your entrepreneurial spirit and starts your morning with a newfound eagerness. That eagerness is exactly what many Mobile Outfitters kiosk owners have discovered as they continue to wake up to an ever-evolving adventure!

Mid-Day and Worry Free

Is on-demand inventory too good to be true or is it the answer to every kiosk owner’s wildest dreams? Kiosk owner Raj Kumar answers that question, referring to Mobile Outfitters on-demand innovation—RapidCut.

[quote text=”RapidCut gave me the ability to grow my business from just two mall kiosks to six mall kiosks spanning three states. Now, instead of focusing on product management, I can focus on what matters—sales!”]
With little to no inventory Mobile Outfitters kiosk owners are able to focus less on restocking shelves and more on the customer. The kiosk owners everyday worries surrounding theft and maintaining stock are no longer present in their daily operations due to our award winning cut-on-demand solution. Not only are many stressors eliminated with RapidCut, but the innovation drastically lowers upfront costs and any overstock, saving the kiosk owner money.

Smooth Sailing Into the Afternoon

Gone are the days where sitting at a desk occupies 99% of the day! Mobile Outfitters kiosk owners are constantly on the move. Interacting with customers, making cuts, doing demonstrations, throwing phones (you heard me right)—the creative juices are always flowing for a kiosk owner making a sale.

Because Mobile Outfitters products are so durable, kiosk owners spend more of their time doing fun interactive demonstrations like these and less time watching the clock.

Calling In the Troops

Everyone knows a perfect day is rare and although most days as a Mobile Outfitters kiosk owner are smooth sailing, there can be an occasional bump in the road. The great part about being a kiosk owner with Mobile Outfitters?—you’re never alone!

Help is always a phone call away and comprehensive training and ongoing support is handled by seasoned experts in the field. Knowing they are a part of a team allows our kiosk owners to take the weight off of their shoulders and relax knowing their investment is in good hands.

Clocking Out: The Perfect Balance

Ram’s story is similar to many others that have transitioned into owning a Mobile Outfitters kiosk. When looking back at the work-life balance in his previous job, Ram couldn’t help but notice his personal life suffered.

[quote text=”I worked excessively long hours and my health was also deteriorating. I had a family and young children but could not spend time with them.”]

Many entrepreneurs similar to Ram have found that owning a Mobile Outfitters kiosk has been the answer to finding their perfect life balance. Kiosk owners find freedom in being their own bosses and the flexible hours allow them more time with friends and family.

Resting Easy

The confidence Mobile Outfitters kiosk owners have in the success of their business allows them to rest easy. Our kiosk owners separate themselves from competitors, which gives them room to watch sales soar with little to no worry about competing products. The small upfront costs of owning a Mobile Outfitters kiosk is no comparison to the amazing returns seen by many on their investments.

It’s true—owning your own kiosk can lead to a happier, successful, and more balanced life!

Our kiosk owners are always backed by the support of our international team. Learn more about what it takes to run a successful mall kiosk by downloading our Kiosk Success Checklist, or open your own Mobile Outfitters Kiosk!

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