December 13, 2016

Announcing Clear-Coat Fusion Bumper: The World’s Thinnest Impact Bumper and the First Designed to Protect Against Both Corner Drops and Direct Screen Hits

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You’re fumbling with your phone in your pocket, and your clumsy fingers drop it on the ground. Reluctantly, you pick it up and find that the screen has a spider web-like crack. Reading texts and emails just got a lot harder.

It’s a common scenario, and something that 50% of smartphone users worldwide have experienced. In fact, every two seconds someone drops their phone. And despite the fact that most major phone manufacturers are using incredibly strong Corning Gorilla Glass, most people will suffer from a shattered screen at some point in their life.

Why do screens shatter?

Most of the time, when a screen shatters, it’s because it was dropped on its corner or curves—places screen protectors can’t, well, protect. When a phone is dropped parallel to the ground, it is usually alright (at least to the naked eye, and up to a certain point). This is because the stress of the impact is spread out across the entire surface, resulting in less visible damage. When a device isn’t dropped parallel, though, and its point of impact is more focused, like on a side or curve, the stress is too much for the screen to handle, and it cracks to relieve the pressure.

Many people see bulky phone cases as the solution to this problem. But that’s counterintuitive—you pay hundreds of dollars for a slim and sleek phone, only to cover it up with a bulky case that takes away from the phone’s natural beauty. And even with the bulkiest case, if you dropped your phone in such a way that it landed on the corner or curve of your device, the integrity of your screen was likely compromised at some point. Corners and curves are left more vulnerable to damage simply due to physics, and most cases just are not built to handle that sort of pressure.

Our Solution

We at Mobile Outfitters recognized that this was an issue. That’s why we’re launching the Clear-Coat Fusion Bumper, the world’s thinnest impact bumper for iPhone and the first designed exclusively to protect against both corner drops and direct screen hits. The ultra-clear Clear-Coat Fusion Bumper adds sturdy protection to the corners and curves of your phone, making it the ultimate phone protection accessory, without distracting from the beauty of your device. It is a smooth, glossy, crystal clear bumper that is hardly noticeable on a phone, while still providing an unprecedented level of protection, and it’s the only bumper in the world that allows for full button functionality and complete access to all ports.

Super thin (1.9mm), but super strong

At 40% thinner than the competition, the Fusion Bumper is the thinnest impact bumper in the world, so it’s hardly noticeable on your phone, but still provides the high-level protection our products are known for.

TriACTIVE technology absorbs and disperses impact, saving your screen

As part of the Fusion line, the Clear-Coat Fusion bumper uses multi-layer TriACTIVE technology to absorb and disperse impact. An incredibly durable, hard outer layer won’t crack or break, while an inner layer (made of the same material as Clear-Coat) softens the blow from any drop.Corner Cushion™ pockets protect your phone no matter how you drop it

Corner Cushion™ pockets protect your phone no matter how you drop it

Our technology will keep your phone safe, no matter how many times you drop it. Specially designed Corner Cushions™ on the inside corners absorb and distribute energy across the bumper, instead of across the screen. Plus, the soft inner layer extends onto the screen and back of the phone, protecting it from direct impact.

Works seamlessly with Clear-Coat screen, 360°, and Style Skins protection

The Clear-Coat FUSION Bumper is designed to meet exactly edge-to-edge with our other products, giving you seamless protection without overlaps, gaps, or bulk.

How strong is it?

We performed several 20 foot drop tests onto concrete with 4 phones protected by the Fusion Bumper and Fusion Screen Protection and it took an average of 5, 20-foot drops for the screen to crack! We never got a phone to crack when dropping from a normal height (5 feet).

Get yours today!

At Mobile Outfitters, we strive to constantly innovate and create products that are useful and high quality. We’re incredibly proud of the Clear-Coat FUSION Bumper, and excited to be able to protect your phone in ways that weren’t possible before. With the bumper and our other products on your phone, your screen will be protected from damage. To get yours, head to your local Mobile Outfitters kiosk or order one online! Available for iPhone 6, 6s, and 7.

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