October 24, 2013

Apple Just Cannibalized the MacBook Air

Eric Griffin

Apple Just Cannibalized the MacBook Air

Apple announced an update to the MacBook Pro the other day, making it lighter, thinner and faster. After reading the specs, I couldn’t help but think: why would anyone buy a MacBook Air anymore? As an Air user myself, I feel almost an obligation to upgrade to the Pro now that they are practically the same size AND price. Let’s compare:

Size & Weight

The MacBook Air is only .5lb lighter (14%), and .03″ thinner (4%) – BUT has a larger overall footprint (.45″ wider and .32″ deeper):

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air Comparison: Weight and Size

Specs & Price

The MacBook Pro is the clear winner here, with a Retina display, 65% faster processor, and more powerful graphics card. For just $150 more, you get a smaller, faster laptop with a sharper screen:
MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: Specs

The Future of the MacBook Air

We’ve seen this happen before, with the MacBook and MacBook Pro – eventually, the differences were so small that Apple discontinued the MacBook. While there will always be a need for a less expensive, small-as-possible laptop, I think the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will converge to become one product in the 13″ to 15″ category, and the 11″ category (and maybe something smaller) will form a new product line that focuses more on battery life and ultra-portability.Underworld: Blood Wars 2016 live streaming film online

What do you think? Would you buy a MacBook Air after the latest MacBook Pro update?

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