November 13, 2011

Business Advice from Bill Gates

Dennis O'Donnell

Bill Gates

I recently saw a video of Bill Gates in a Q&A session at the University of Washington, and really enjoyed his response to a simple question: how does one become as wealthy as Bill Gates?  He took the opportunity to hand out some serious advice, and although his delivery was light and casual, the message was extremely powerful.

Bill addressed people’s misguided efforts towards wealth:  he himself was not motivated by the pursuit of wealth, nor would he recommend that path to anyone.  In his own words: “Most people who’ve done well, and found something they’re nuts about doing…[omitted]…and if it’s an area of great impact, you might find financial independence.”  I personally believe what he says here – go after what you love doing – it might make you wealthy, but that’s not why you should’ve done it in the first place.  Great ideas, quality products, and amazing companies come from people who love what they’re doing, not people who love making money.

In addition, he later states being a billionaire apparently isn’t that great after all.  In Bill’s own words: “I can understand wanting to have millions of dollars….much beyond that, I have to tell you, it’s the same hamburger.”

Here’s the video for you to enjoy:

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