April 10, 2014

Eight Beach-Worthy Tech Innovations

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The dog days of summer may feel like a long way off considering the apocalyptic winter we’ve had (and still seem to be having, some nights). But – thank goodness, though we may never have believed it – they’re coming.

Which is why, during these April showers, we can’t help but dream of sunny days where we’re nothing but beached. That’s right: sun, sand, and surf. Beach escapes are best enjoyed when devices are out of site and we’re disconnected from reality, but we, of course, couldn’t squander the chance to make you the envy of your (hopefully-not-too-close) sand neighbors with these awesome tech toys made for the sun:

Hot Day; Cold Drinks

Beach essential: hydration. Tjiller’s drink cooler touts itself as “Ice Cold Perfection”, and we’re not about to argue. After an overnight in the freezer, the Tjiller slowly releases a consistent chill to keep your glass, can, or bottle cool for anywhere from five to nine hours – even in the hot sun. Aside from its unparalleled cooling powers, the Tjiller also eliminates condensation. No sandy bottoms here.

Luxury Lounging, Seaside

Lying on a towel on uneven ground with sand blowing in your ears? Hope you packed the QTips. Or, try Brookstone’s Beach Lounger for luxurious lounging on the beach. Naturally, it’s loaded with features that makes your life easier – two coolers on either side of the seat, an SPF35 umbrella that mounts directly to the chair and two speakers with a digital amp to bust out your favorite summertime tune straight from your phone or iPod.
Brookstone Beach Lounger

Look and Sound Great On The Beach

What would be the perfect speaker to have at the beach? It should be small, rugged, stylish, and sound amazing. At our office, we’re huge fans of Boombotix Wireless Speakers. This company has designed a great speaker for any outdoor activity: it’s dust- and water-resistant, completely wireless, and if you want it to be….loud. And they come in a bunch of custom styles, so you can find one that won’t cramp your style on the beach!
Boombot Rex

Drinks On The Move

This one is just plain fun. The Electric Amphibious Vehicle from Frontgate could easily bring out your inner child with its remote-controlled motion – but it caters to the “mature” adult in you by serving up your beverages orderly. The “Border Control” craft might as well be the next Transformer, as it easily transitions from beverage-carrying-land-vehicle to seafaring-bot with a fully functional water cannon.
Frontgate Amphibious

Waterproof Library

Simply want to beach it with a good page-turner in the sun? The waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite from WaterFi takes Amazon’s best e-reader for sunny days makes it waterproof down to 210 feet (just in case you’re into underwater page-turners), also making it resistant to spills and sand. And because it’s a completely internal process, there’s no bulky case that cracks and leaks. With a battery life of eight weeks, you might as well extend your stay.

Take a Load Off

The Solar Charge Beach Shopping Tote Bag is great as a charging and storage station for devices using solar energy – but if you want a tote with solid sand protection, choose the Sandless Beach Tote from Hammacher Schlemmer, featuring material developed for military use. The bag filters sand through a one-way filter, blocking re-entrance, and is water resistant to boot. Like the design but wish you had that solar power? Add a water resistant BoostSolar battery backup that can fully charge smartphones – twice.
Boost Solar Panel


Yes, we made that word up, but it’s appropriate for this piece of gear. Liquid Image’s Explorer Series set of snorkel masks comes with a built-in 8MP underwater video camera for hands-free video and still shooting while you discover life under the sea. Say hi to Sebastian for us.
LiquidImage Snorkel

The Greatest Thing Since The Sun Dial

Unless you grew up telling time by the sun’s position, you’re likely going to want some sort of timekeeper on the beach. Pebble just stepped your game up with a smartwatch that’s water resistant up to 5 ATM. Pebble smartwatches sync seamlessly via Bluetooth 4.0 so that you can stow away your phone safe from water and sand, but still receive notifications as you leisurely check the time. And if you’re already a fan of the Pebble, you might want to check out our very own Pebble Screen Protector.
Pebble Steel

Hang in there, Clear-Coat fans.

Sunny days and warm nights are on their way, and boy are we going to soak it up even more after this seemingly endless winter. Prep your suits and grab your beach toys! What’ll you be bringing along with you? Let us know in the comments!

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