March 17, 2014

Ideas Worth Backing: Front-of-Sink Cutting Board

Eric Griffin

Ideas worth backing: Front-of-Sink Cutting Board

This is the second post of our “Ideas Worth Backing”, monthly feature. Every month, we hunt down a great idea or clever invention that we think is worth attention and support. It’s just one way we want to celebrate innovation and thinking outside the box. Last month we brought to you the Smart Lid, the cure for every burned taste bud. What’ll it be this month? Keep reading to find out!

Most Cutting Boards are Terrible.

I know it might sound irrational, but there’s no kitchen tool that frustrates me quite as much as a cutting board. They always seem to disappoint.

For starters, despite their simplicity (it’s just a board, after all), they all seem to have wildly frustrating ergonomics. I don’t know about you, but my cupboards at home are stocked with five cutting boards (and no, I’m regrettably not a professional chef on the side). I’ve tried it all: different sizes, textures, designs – but nothing makes the cut.

And the boards in my current cutting collection – those five who’ve caused me such angst in the kitchen? They’ve averaged $30 per board. For a single plank of plastic that hardly performs its ONE job? Ludicrous, I say!

It seems pretty absurd that a basic kitchen staple has caused me such frustration. If I’m cutting up some juicy fruit for a smoothie, I have to put a damp towel under the board to add friction and keep it from sliding around my countertops. And as for those fancy, sophisticated designs? All I’ve found is that they hardly offer enough cutting area, and I resort to using a bench scraper while I lift and tip the board to urge my chopped vegetables into a bowl.

If you’re with me on this one, I’d like to introduce you to something I am pretty excited to get my hands (and knives) on: Hub of Home’s Front-of-Sink cutting board.

Front of Sink Cutting Board

Like me, inventor Yeng Way Loo was frustrated by the crummy design of the everyday cutting board – but found that working with them in front of his sink solved several of his problems. Accessibility was improved – but the board was still slippery and unstable.

Together with his wife’s artistic creativity and eye for design, he created Front-of-Sink in his garage and then “field-tested” it in the comfort of his kitchen. It worked like a charm and the Front-of-Sink was born.


Functional, Slick & Ergonomic

I don’t want to speak too soon (I haven’t tested it yet, after all), but at least in concept, the Front-of-Sink cutting board shows a lot of promise in becoming the perfect cutting board. The name pretty much says it all: this board sits on the front of your sink, mounting under the counter or on top depending on edge thickness. But it’s not just that it attaches to the counter conveniently – it drains better, cleans better, dries better, and stores better than those woeful “chunks of plastic” I talked about earlier.

The cutting board’s adjustable L-brackets require a one-time adjustment to be fitted to your counter, then can be easily slid on and off, with plastic covers deterring scratches on the counter’s surface.

But that’s not even the best part. Some of my favorite features? Its non-skid pads on the bottom keep it firmly in place (forget you, damp towel), and its sloped surface easily drains liquids into the sink, while the overhang feature allows for easy sweeps of food into a bowl or onto your plate (no more bench scraper = one less dish to wash).

And when you’re not using it, the board stands up neatly for convenient drying and storage. Yup, they pretty much thought of everything.

See for yourself here.


Perfect for Tight Spaces

The Front-of-Sink cutting board’s natural integration with the sink basin proves to be incredibly kitchen-space friendly – and I’m not just talking for me, in my standard kitchen with decent counter area. It’s especially ideal for anyone who wants a quality cutting board and needs to conserve space.

Small apartments, galley kitchens, kitchenettes in recreational vehicles – you get the gist. A lack of counter space when prepping is just asking for more messes. With this board you can multiply your prep space, de-clutter, de-stress, and focus on the delicious food you’re about to enjoy.


How We’re Backing Front-of-Sink

It’s no secret that we’re suckers for clean, functional design. And considering my history of slightly irrational rage with my portfolio of cutting boards, the Front-of-Sink cutting board provides an amazing, appreciable solution.

The Front-of-Sink cutting board takes something that quite literally hasn’t evolved much in decades, and improves on every aspect of it. And as a self-proclaimed harsh critic of cutting boards, I find this concept absolutely exciting. So at Clear-Coat, we’re backing Hub of Home in its pursuit of $10,000 at the $70 level – double-sink? Double boards!

If you feel any of the angst I’ve shared here, don’t hesitate. You’ve got the chance to change your kitchen ergonomics in a simple way, and Hub of Home has the chance to bring this to market, but their campaign only runs until March 24th! Go back this project here:

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