February 10, 2012

Inbox Zero

Dennis O'Donnell

Inbox Zero
“Don’t let your blackberry turn into exploding cats.” This is my favorite quote of the week, and it comes from an incredible video that will boost your productivity if you have trouble with overwhelming amounts of email (like me): Inbox Zero, by Merlin Mann.

The video itself is 58 minutes, but the actual lesson is only about 30. If you think you don’t have 30 minutes, that’s fine, but you’ll save at least that in just one day’s worth of emails – really. To be 100% clear here, this isn’t a piece of software, and he isn’t selling anything – it’s simply a philosophy on how to approach email, and I’d estimate that adopting it saves me a minimum of 2 hours a week, and absolutely amplifies productivity. If you do end up adopting Inbox Zero and love it, I’d love to hear your story (and maybe Merlin Mann would? I don’t know him personally.) – post your experience in the comments, or give me an update on Twitter: @DenODonnell. Enjoy the 2 hours you just got back in your week.

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