September 13, 2023

Pioneering Change: The Story Behind the World’s First MRI-Safe iPhone Belt Clip

Mobile Outfitters

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, every second counts. The smartphone, an essential tool for healthcare professionals, must be both accessible and safe. Enter a ground-breaking collaboration between Mobile Outfitters and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP): the world’s first MRI-safe belt clip for iPhones.

The Challenge
With the widespread use of smartphones in the medical realm, there was a glaring need: a safe, convenient way for doctors and nurses to carry their iPhones, even in MRI environments. CHOP presented this challenge to us, seeking a solution that would cater to the unique needs of their medical staff.

Our Response
At Mobile Outfitters, we believe in pushing boundaries, especially regarding mobile accessory solutions. This project was no different. We devised a belt clip that ensures the safety of the iPhone in MRI settings without compromising accessibility.

Functionality wasn’t our only focus. The clips have been designed to resonate with the CHOP brand, embracing the institution’s signature color and proudly featuring its logo. This combination of practicality and style ensures that the accessory isn’t just useful – it’s also a proud representation of the CHOP identity.

Supporting Our Community
In addition to the innovation behind the MRI-safe belt clip, Mobile Outfitters is deeply committed to its local community. “As a Philadelphia-based company, supporting our local institutions like CHOP is more than just a business endeavor—it’s a matter of community pride and responsibility,” said Eric Griffin, Co-Founder of Mobile Outfitters. “By collaborating with CHOP, we’re not only advancing medical technology but also strengthening the bond within our community, ensuring that our local healthcare professionals have the best tools at their disposal.”

Looking Ahead
While the MRI-safe iPhone belt clip is a pioneering product, its significance goes beyond its innovative design. It symbolizes the potential for meaningful collaborations between tech companies and healthcare institutions. As we navigate the future, we’re excited about the endless possibilities such partnerships can bring.

In conclusion, as we celebrate this remarkable collaboration and the resultant product, we’re reminded of the power of innovation in improving lives and facilitating critical services. We’re honored to play a role in this journey and look forward to more game-changing collaborations in the future.

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