December 20, 2019

The Cable You Didn’t Want to Buy in the First Place is Now the Cable You Need

Mobile Outfitters

No one should ever settle in life. You should always push harder, go the extra mile, and strive to be better. Time-and-time again, we were tired of buying the same-old, overly-marketed cable that promised to be the best but in the end would ultimately fail in some type of capacity. We didn’t even want to buy the cable in the first place, but we couldn’t help it. These cables power the devices that we love to use all the time (whether it be for work or personal use).

And we all know the pain points that we’re referring to—the cable head becomes loose, the wires come out, the fabric frays, and the list of issues could go on forever. We didn’t want to keep settling so we did the most entrepreneurial thing we could do—create a cable that solved these issues and more. This is why it took 3 years of research and development to create Anchor.

A Cable to Last
During the 3 years of research and development, we put Anchor through the most rigorous tests to make sure this would be the last cable you ever needed to buy. We’re going to get a little technical here, but there is an industry-standard bend test (which is shown in the video below) but not many people know what that is. We didn’t even know what it was until we decided this was going to be a product we wanted to launch. The strongest cables typically last between 30k – 50k bends before the cable fails. Anchor lasted 180k bends so you can see the difference. We did the math and 180k bends translate to a 50-year lifespan. For example, if you plug and unplug your cable 10x a day, Anchor will last you 50 years.

Durability at its finest 

When creating Anchor, we wanted to source the best materials and do something no one else has ever done before so we can officially claim that it is the World’s Strongest Cable. 

We made the jacket out of the same material as puncture-resistant cloth, skydiving ropes, and rock-climbing ropes. The jacket runs from the top to the bottom of the cable—Including the head! We paid extra attention to all the details while our competitors did not. To prove it, we have a window (check out the photo below!) built into the cable to show customers.

The actual head is made out of the same material as snowmobile tracks. It helps grip the jacket and it is self-healing. All of the wires in the cable are in a full metal enclosure. The wires are protected and secured, so they cannot be pulled out of the cable.

Not too short, not too long… Just Right

We’ve bought every single type of cable, and they were either too long to comfortably fit in our backpacks or too short where they wouldn’t reach our seat. This was another problem we were trying to solve. We believe 1.5m is the ideal length. It’s long enough where it will reach most spots but it’s short enough where it will neatly fit in our pocket. 

Confidence in Anchor

We know a cable isn’t the first item on the list of things you want to buy, but we are confident this will be the last cable you will need to buy with Anchor’s durability and Lifetime Guarantee.

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