September 11, 2019

The Problem with Today’s iPhone Cases

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During this time of year, people across the globe get excited about the new iPhones. As most of you think about ordering the new iPhone, you’ll also need to think about a protection plan for your iPhone that will cost $700+ USD.

Bigger isn’t always better

Bulky phone cases might protect your phone from drops, scratches, and make your phone look nice but they’re not always the most practical. The sizes of the new iPhones that were announced on September 10 are big, to begin with. Additionally, a case will add more weight and girth. You won’t be able to fit it in pockets in your pants, workout gear, and in some circumstances, it will interfere with docking to your car or other electronics. 

Phone fitting into pants


Don’t have full protection for the screen, back, and sides? Forget it. 

The majority of phone cases only protect the back and sides of your device but what about protecting your screen? If you can save yourself time by getting your screen, back, and sides of your phone protected all in one place, would you do it? We love efficiency (who doesn’t?), so we offer full protection plan for your device. Yes, that includes the screen, back, and sides of your phone.  

Can’t change the design of your case? Ditch it. 

We all know there are some days where we want to change the look of our phone and then there are other days we want just the bare bones. It depends on our mood, style, outfit choice, and so much more. If you change your phone protection and you have to pay for a whole new case, you’re spending lots of money that you don’t need to. This is why we have a Lifetime Guarantee. You can visit any of your locations, get a new installation of our personalized phone skins or impact/scratch protection (whichever you bought before), and only have to pay the installation fee. 

Interested in getting an installation of our personalized phone skins, impact or scratch protection? Visit us. 

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