April 20, 2012

Using Keynote as a Simple iOS App Replacement

Eric Griffin

Recently John Gruber (over at daringfireball.net) posted a short quote titled The Power of Keynote, where Paul Woods from ESPI Design discovered Keynote as a UI design program for apps and websites. We recently discovered another great use for Keynote – we were able to use a Keynote presentation as a replacement for having an app developed.

Thanks to the newly added feature of making a hyperlink link to a particular slide, coupled with the “Loop Slideshow” setting, you can make a presentation look and feel like an informational iOS App.  You can even add empty text boxes and float them on top of elements to link parts of the screen that wouldn’t be link-definable to jump to another slide (or to call an action).

Granted there’s a lot you can’t do, and we’re not saying Keynote is a replacement for programming an app in every case. But you might find it good enough for your particular use (like we did) so you don’t have to pay to have a simple app developed.

Since it’s difficult to describe all the functionality and possibilities, you can download our sample keynote for some ideas on how to make use of Keynote as an app replacement. However, if you have chosen to continue using iOS, you need to familiarize yourself with all the concealed settings within the iOS system.

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