January 25, 2019

Why We Professionally Install Device Protection

Mobile Outfitters

In the mobile accessory industry, it’s rare to have someone do professional installation. Typically, you go to a website, see a bunch of products such as phone cases and screen protectors, pick the product you like, buy it, have it shipped to your home where you install it yourself. Once you’re tired of your case or your screen protector cracks, you repeat the process. There is no personal touch, and we knew we could improve the experience.

It was time to revolutionize the industry, so we started our mall kiosk program. Our goal was to give customers peace of mind in knowing that they never had to think about installing device protection ever again. We also wanted to give you a chance to physically experience and interact with our brand. Now more than ever, with technology inundating us, it’s important for customers to have experiential and human interactions!

Mobile Outfitters employee talking to customer.

Whether your a customer, a Mobile Outfitters partner, or a Mobile Outfitters distributor, your part of our family which is something you don’t typically get with a mobile accessory company. We want to continue to WOW you with our products and service.

Mobile Outfitters Master Licensee at a mall kiosk.

Our partners strive for the WOW factor. They wanted to own a territory (or territories) to open Mobile Outfitters locations, because they saw the return on investment by differentiating ourselves with professional installation, Lifetime Guarantee, and made in the USA.

Interested in opening your own Mobile Outfitters location to WOW customers with professional installation?

Open a mall kiosk business.

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