May 31, 2019

Why We’re Excited to Celebrate the 1000th Machine that Creates Our Device Protection

Mobile Outfitters

It’s been 10 years since the first Mobile Outfitters mall kiosk opened. We’re proud of the device protection we created, and how we’re the world’s fastest-growing mobile accessory company.

According to CBInsights, there are numerous reasons as to why startups fail but there is one reason that sticks out to us more so than the others—lack of passion. (We know we’re not a startup, but this can be applied to companies in practically any business stage.) We are so thankful that our employees, global partners, and customers share the same passion as we do for our mission.

Installing device protection at Mobile Outfitters location.

When we deployed our 1000th RapidCut to our partners in Italy, it was a humbling (and celebratory!) moment. In typical blogging fashion, let’s break down why this is such an exciting moment in our business:

More Device Protection = Better Looking Devices.

When the company first started, it was founded on the principle of wanting to make the best screen protector anyone had ever seen and manufacture it in the U.S. We feel confident in saying that was one goal we crushed, which is why when you purchase our scratch protection—you’re a customer for life. We’ve expanded our product line to also personalize your devices and protect your entire device with our scratch protection. By deploying the 1000th RapidCut means there are more opportunities for more people to protect and personalize their devices.

RapidCut cutting device protection.

Our vision is becoming a reality.

Our vision is to challenge the status quo of the mall kiosk industry by selling high-quality products and backing them with customer-focused support with 1,000 locations in 50 countries by 2022. This vision is quickly becoming a reality. One of our proudest moments though is when we can really reflect on our vision and see the progress of our global partners who have done extraordinary things for our brand over the years. Deploying the 1000th RapidCut (that creates device protection and provides an awesome experience for the consumer) is one of those moments.

We cannot wait to see where we (our Master Licensees, partners, customers, employees, etc.) are when we deploy the 2000th RapidCut. It’ll be fun to see who the lucky recipient is, too.

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