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The Story

We started as 2 guys wanting to make the best screen protector anyone had ever seen, and manufacture it here in the US. Back in 2007 we began manufacturing and selling Clear-Coat on our website, and backed it up with our Lifetime Guarantee. We realized there were two problems, however. First, everyone hates putting screen protectors on - you get bubbles, dust, or it just isn’t aligned right. Second, when things go wrong, customers have nowhere to turn. In 2009, we opened our first mall location to solve both of these problems. We wanted to give the customer the best possible experience with our products and by professionally installing them and being there to replace it at any time, we could do exactly that.


Fast forward a few years, and you can now find our products in 600+ locally-owned kiosks spanning 44 countries thanks to our Mall Kiosk Program , where customers can count on a professional installation, knowledgable staff, and customer-focused service. 

Our Mission

To inspire people by sharing our entrepreneurial spirit through innovative products. 


Our Vision

To challenge the status quo of the mall kiosk industry by selling high-quality products and backing them with customer-focused support with 1,000 kiosks in 50 countries by 2022. 


Our Core Values: SMILE
ervice to the highest degree
Make innovative, WOW products
Integrity in everything you do
Leave every customer with a smile
Everyone is our customer 

Our Brand Pillars

Products we use ourselves:

Protecting your beloved mobile is critical, but most solutions are bulky and awkward. This drove us to make our very first product, Clear-Coat, and the process we used to come up with the beautiful solution is at the heart of every product we make. We ask ourselves: would we use this product? The products we make are products we believe in, and we use everyday.

Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee:

We only make products we can stand behind. If we can’t promise to replace it for the life of your phone, we aren’t interested in making it. After all, what good is a product if it doesn’t have a guarantee?

Made in the USA:

Our first product was launched with quality US manufacturing in mind, and this value is still a part of every decision we make. Our products are designed, sourced , manufactured and shipped in the USA, from our HQ in Philadelphia, PA. 


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Mobile Outfitters
3901B Main St
Suite 106, Floor 1
Philadelphia, PA 19127

Support questions and comments should be directed towards our support team by clicking here. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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