Meet the Team



Eric Griffin

Eric Griffin co-founded Clear-Coat with Dennis in 2007, and has loved technology since his first Mac Classic when he was 8 years old. He is focused on sales, marketing and business development for the company.

Eric is also a board member of the Philadelphia chapter of Entrepreneurs' Organization, a non-profit network exclusively for entrepreneurs, co-founder of GSW Apartments, a real estate development and property management company, and co-founder of PAW5, a brand of puzzle feeders and enrichment products for dogs. In his spare time he enjoys running, biking, gardening, wood working, cooking, and coffee.

Dennis O'Donnell

Dennis has been with Clear-Coat since 2007, when he and Eric founded the company. Dennis has a deep interest in the dynamics of small business, and the ability for great product design and material science to solve everyday problems. He lives in Philadelphia where he can be found running, hiking, or voiding the warranty on something in his house.

Sales & Marketing


mike borni
Mike Borni
International Sales Executive

Mike Borni has been with Clear-Coat since 2009, when he operated the first-ever specialty retail location (mall kiosk), which quickly grew under his guidance to an international network of over 120 locations across 20 countries. Mike lives in Tunisia with his family, and is frequently traveling to personally meet and train our international resellers.

mike bissell
Mike Bissell
Sales Executive

With 20 years of sales and business management experience Mike takes pride in giving the best service to all of his clients. Mike is the father of three beautiful daughters that keep him on his toes. When not at work or attending an event for his children you can find Mike traveling or spending as much time on a boat as possible.



Adam Cieniawa

Adam's primary role at Clear-Coat is to design screen and full body protection on a range of electronic devices, so they fit just right. Since every device is different, he loves the challenge every device brings. On his off time, Adam loves spending time with his wife and puppy. He is an avid video game collector and has many retro gaming systems that he often plays for great nostalgia moments.

Keith Hatton
Industrial Designer

Keith has always been fascinated by the technical world and how to make things work seamlessly while still having fun. These fascinations coupled with his competitive nature drove him to racing bicycles on the road, dirt and track. Keith got his bachelors at UArts where he studied Industrial Design. When not working on creative projects or eating cookies, he can be found riding bicycles for a Philadelphia based team.



Nick Weeks
Operations Manager

Nick started at Clear-Coat on the production team where he fine-tuned his efficiency and attention to detail while making our products. With an educational background in engineering, business, and art, Nick brings a well rounded perspective into his current role as a designer. He is currently restoring a 1977 Volkswagen Rabbit, and drives a 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI daily. He is a regular amongst VW community and plays drums for a band several times a week.

Kerri Smyth
Production Supervisor

Utilizing several years of management experience, Kerri oversees the production team to ensure orders go out on time and into the hands of our customers. Kerri is passionate about leading her team, and enjoys the challenge that each day brings. In her free time, Kerri loves to create, whether it's lettering, sketching, or playing guitar. She also has a deep interest and appreciation for American traditional tattooing.

Vanessa Jenkins
Office Manager

A perfectionist at heart, Vanessa will never accept the second best, which is why she is working with Clear-Coat's close partners and resellers. Her true character comes with forteen years of experience in classical ballet. Vanessa has a degree in History from Temple University and speaks conversational Japanese. Outside of work Vanessa enjoys yoga, ballet, healthy eats and watching marathons of Golden Girls whenever possible.

Customer Support


David Lineman
Partner Success Manager

David ensures our kiosk and reseller partners are a success by providing dedicated high-level guidance and support. With an extensive background creating and growing reseller/distribution channels, David is a driven sales specialist with a deep passion for sales, marketing, and emerging technologies. He holds a degree in English from Temple University. When he is not working, he can be found reading, running, or chasing after his two kids.

Janice Snowden
Customer & Executive Assistant

Whether it's over the phone, through email, or social media, Janice loves making customers happy. She has a degree in Apparel Design and is currently working on a second from Pennsylvania State University in Business. When she's not at the office or studying, she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, traveling, Face-timing with her twin sister in Australia, and drinking herbal tea while watching murder mysteries or Wheel of Fortune.