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What makes style-skins_logo so awesome?

You’ve got your own style, and so should your mobile.  Our mobile skins seamlessly change the look of your phone to make it yours. Style Skins gives you an endless palette to make your phone match you: RealFeel gives you the look and feel of actual Leather, Carbon Fiber, and Wood. Aurora is an out-of-this-world color shifting skin, and the latest in-fashion solids can be found in DRESSCODE

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More reasons to fall in love with style-skins_logo


    We know how much your look needs to be authentically you - so we made Style Skins up-to-date with the latest trends.  No matter which mobile skin you go with, your style will come through, because we designed only the best to represent you

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    Put another layer between your mobile and the world.  Whether it’s a sandy beach, your car’s cupholder, or the sidewalk, it’s a tough world out there. Our skins not only look great, but they’re engineered to withstand abuse so your phone doesn’t have to


    Ever worn a custom-tailored garment?  It fits you perfectly, and makes you look your best, because it was crafted for you. We take the same approach. Our mobile skins are hand-designed to flawlessly fit the phone you have. There’s nothing off-the-rack about Style Skins.


    We take quality seriously - we believe if you make a great product, you should also stand behind it. So that’s what we do: if your Style Skin disappoints you in any way, for any reason, at any time, we’ll replace it.  We’ve offered this same guarantee for over 7 years to millions of customers.


    Leather today, solids tomorrow?  That’s cool.  We know that it’s pretty fun to change your style from time to time - but money doesn’t grow on trees.  We sell Style Skins in packs of 3 and 5 so you can mix, match, and change when you want.

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