September 12, 2017

Introducing Fusion 360° Protection: Complete Impact and Scratch Protection for Your Device

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Apple unveiled the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X today at its new Apple Park headquarters in California. Tim Cook announced that Apple’s latest iPhone is available for preorder on October 27 and will be released publicly on November 3. Some of the exciting new features include wireless charging, improved cameras and longer battery life.

One of the new features of the iPhone X that differs from previous models is that its back is made of glass. How are you going to protect the back of the new iPhone? You could buy a massive case to protect it, but you’ve just paid a hefty price for the latest iPhone only to cover it up with a bulky case. Mobile Outfitters has launched Fusion 360° Protection as a solution to protecting the latest iPhone. With Fusion 360° Protection, iPhone owners now have full body protection for the screen, sides and glass back. Fusion 360° Protection includes a FUSION Screen Protector, FUSION Back Protection and FUSION Bumper for full impact protection without bulk. Fusion 360° Protection is as strong as any impact case out there, but lets you show off your phone without covering it in a hefty case.

TriACTIVE Technology & Corner Cushions — Protection No Matter How You Drop It

The FUSION Screen Protector and FUSION Back Protector are the combination of three powerful and unique layers, each adding a specialized strength to the overall product. We call it TriACTIVE protection. The polyurethane top layer protects against scratches, the PET middle layer spreads out impacts, and the self-wetting adhesive bottom layer makes it easy to apply the screen protector for as many times as needed.

The Clear-Coat Fusion bumper uses multi-layer TriACTIVE technology to absorb and disperse impact, saving your screen. An incredibly durable, hard outer layer won’t crack or break, while an inner layer (made of the same material as Clear-Coat) softens the blow from any drop. Corner Cushion™ pockets protect your phone no matter how you drop it. These specially designed Corner Cushions™ on the inside corners absorb and distribute energy across the bumper, instead of across the screen. Plus, the soft inner layer extends onto the screen and back of the phone, protecting it from direct impact.

Thin Impact Protection, but Super Strong

All three layers of the Fusion Screen Protector and Fusion Back Protector combined add up to less than a half of the thickness of a credit card. The Clear-Coat Fusion Bumper is a smooth, glossy, bumper that is hardly noticeable on a phone, while still providing an unprecedented level of protection, and it’s the only bumper in the world that allows for full button functionality and complete access to all ports. At 40% thinner (1.9mm) than the competition, the Fusion Bumper is the thinnest impact bumper in the world, so it’s hardly noticeable on your phone, but still provides the high-level protection our products are known for.

We invented, developed, and tested our Fusion Bumper and Fusion Screen Protection in our Philadelphia facility. We performed several 20 foot drop tests onto concrete with 4 phones protected by the Fusion Bumper and Fusion Screen Protection and it took an average of 5, 20-foot drops for the screen to crack! We never got a phone to crack when dropping from a normal height (5 feet).

Get yours as soon as iPhones hit shelves!

Mobile Outfitters already has Fusion 360° Protection guaranteed in stock for Apple’s new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, thanks to RapidCut. That means you can immediately have your brand new phone professionally fitted with the strongest, most scratch-resistant, 360-degree protection for the screen and glass back and the Fusion Bumper, the world’s thinnest impact bumper for iPhone and the first designed exclusively to protect against both corner drops and direct screen hits. No waiting to find protection that fits and taking the chance on a drop. You’ll keep your phone safe from day one.

As a kiosk exclusive product, head to your local Mobile Outfitters kiosk to pick up Fusion 360° Protection for your new iPhone. Available for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X!

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