February 21, 2023

Which Screen Protector is Best for Your Phone?

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When getting a new phone, the first thing on anyone’s mind is finding the right protection and phone protection plan. With so many forms of screen protection on the market, it can be hard to decide the best choice for your phone. Let’s look at the types of screen protectors available and why Mobile Outfitters has the best option for your new phone.

Tempered glass is made from scratch-resistant glass. While they provide decent protection, they can be uncomfortably thick, and all it takes is one bad drop to shatter the glass. Curved plastic screen protectors are made from thin, flexible plastic, known as PET. They are usually inexpensive, made in China, flimsy (like soda and water bottles), and don’t provide great protection from drops and scratches. Liquid glass is applied to your phone in a liquid form and then hardened to create customized protection. They can be more transparent than tempered glass or plastic films but are less durable.

The best protection for your phone

Drops and scratches happen to all of us. That’s why Mobile Outfitters offers premium protection made in the USA and professional installations by a team of experts. With 800+ locations in over 50 countries, it’s never too hard to find us, and with our Lifetime Replacements, you’ll never need to find another option. When choosing the best screen protector for your new phone, you’ll want to consider the level of protection you need, your screen’s clarity, and the protector’s durability. Mobile Outfitters offers the perfect balance of all three across the Clear-Coat and Fusion product lines.

  • Clear-Coat Original offers invisible scratch protection for a sleek touchscreen experience. HD clarity, military-grade strength, and USA-made quality, so it can withstand anything. Its full-body coverage all the way around, meaning Clear-Coat, gives you complete, edge-to-edge protection, even on curved displays. With our expert installation, you can trust that every surface will be seamless and perfect.
  • Clear-Coat Matte has the same benefits as Clear-Coat Original but also features an anti-glare finish that works great in the sun, keeps your phone smudge-free, and adds a stealth matte look.
  • Fusion has three powerful and unique layers, each adding a specialized strength to the overall product. We call it TriACTIVE™ Impact Protection, and Fusion is the only 360° impact protection available worldwide!  The polyurethane top layer protects against scratches, the PET middle layer spreads out impacts, and the bottom layer adheres to your phone seamlessly. Best of all, Fusion never chips, cracks, or breaks, unlike tempered glass. Like our Clear-Coat, it offers HD clarity and edge-to-edge protection that lets you go wherever life takes you.
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