The 10 Mall Retailers With the Highest Sales Per Square Foot: How Do Our Kiosks Compare?

Mobile Outfitters has one of the highest sales per square foot in all of retail!

Store sales per square foot is viewed as a major component of retail success. Since it is indicative of how efficiently a company uses its assets, the higher the sales per square foot, the better. Sales per square foot is calculated as total sales for a given period (usually a year) divided by store square footage. For example, if a company does $10 million a year in sales, and runs 10 stores that are 1,000 [Continue reading...]

Apple Announces the iPhone 7

Tim Cook announces the iPhone 7

Each year the internet (and Apple) is plagued by rumors about the newest iPhone. The brand has a massive worldwide following, so speculation is often rampant throughout the lead-up to the next-gen product’s reveal. Usually, Apple announces the next version of the phone around September and follows a “tick-tock” schedule. A “tick” year is a relatively large product update (think the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus), followed by a “tock” year of smaller upgrades [Continue reading...]

[Formula] What Products to Sell in a Mall Kiosk?

mall kiosk product formula

Have a great product idea, but don’t know if it’s a good fit for a mall kiosk? Just launched a new product and considering a mall kiosk as a sales channel? Don’t know what products to sell in a mall kiosk? Whatever your situation might be, you’ve come to the right place. Over the years operating in specialty retail, we’ve used this surprisingly simple formula over and over again to launch brand new products that [Continue reading...]

How to Promote your Local Mall Kiosk Business with Instagram Ads

Facebook has recently launched Instagram ads — a great new outlet for brands. Instagram is a perfect way to share visual content, reach and interact with potential and existing customers. Despite the abundance of resources on how to build online ads to drive app purchases or online sales, little is said about brick and mortar. It becomes particularly difficult when it comes to conversion tracking, as it’s not as high tech, and above that, bringing [Continue reading...]

Does your iPhone Really Need a Protection Plan?

Shocked iPhone Cracked Face

Picture this: you just bought a brand new iPhone, and the sales rep tells you that to replace the phone would cost $600, but phone insurance that covers accidental damage is only $10 a month. It seems like a no-brainer….but does your iPhone really need a protection plan?  Is phone insurance really worth the cost?  We’ll dive into the numbers and find out. The big picture… The cost of iPhone repairs can add up very [Continue reading...]