Mac Classic

Mac Classic Front View

A friend of mine was cleaning out his childhood bedroom and under the piles of clothes, baseball cards and CDs (remember those?) he found a diamond in the rough: a 1991 Apple Macintosh Classic. This happened to be the first computer I ever owned as a kid. Anxious to see if it worked, even though we had no mouse or keyboard yet, we set it up in an office and sure enough we got a [Continue reading...]

How to Petition SOPA


SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is bad. Utilizing the same website censorship used by Iran, China, and Syria, SOPA would give the power of censoring the web to the U.S. law enforcement and copyright holders – mainly the entertainment industry.

Magento SEO: 4 Easy Ways to Improve Results

5 ways to improve magento seo

  We recently switched over to Magento for a number of reasons.  In the transition however, we realized one of the challenges of Magento: Search Engine Optimization.  Through some research, experimentation, a few small changes and redesigning, we were able to improve Magento’s out of the box SEO and get back on Google’s good side.  Here’s a quick summary of some changes you should consider, whether you’ve been using Magento for a while or you [Continue reading...]